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When a man pulls out of a woman right before ejaculation and aims to shoot upwards into the air, he must kick the sperm in the air like a soccerball into the woman’s face or vagina. Spermserve is only done successfully if the man managed to kick the sperm directly into the woman’s vagina. If it is successful, the man must yell “GOAL!” before cleaning up. If not, the man must break up with their partner.
Person 1: Hey man, I know I’ve been dating your sister for a while, but we actually did some spermserve last night.

Person 2: Damn, how was it?

Person 1: It wasn’t too bad, but we’ve broken up now.
by Slick6969 November 23, 2022
A technique in which 10 or more dildos are stacked on top of each other and then shoved up someone’s ass. As they do this, they must moan “Ugggh I can feel this going all the way to Jupiter and then into hell!!! mmmmmmm,” repeatedly until they cum, thus adding a completion.
Famous JToH Player: Hey wanna do a JToH?
Famous GaT Player: Fuck yes!
Famous JToH Player: Which tower you wanna use?
Famous GaT Player: TT sound good?
Famous JToH Player: Yasssss
Famous JToH Player: Let’s do this quietly though, we don’t want to break rule 15 :)
by Slick6969 September 6, 2019
A game in Roblox that has very hard towers, a corrupt staff, and a drama-inducing community.
Person 1: What'cha doin?
Person 2: I'm playing JToH
by Slick6969 September 1, 2019
The younger, more retarded version of JToH. It appears to be a lot nicer though.
Person 1: You playin JToH?
Person 2: Yeah
Person 1: Eww why are you so fucking gay? GaT is where it’s at!
by Slick6969 September 1, 2019