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Yale students had their feewings hurt, by an innocuous Halloween email.
by Slick Lion November 15, 2015
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Someone who didn't earn their wealth, but obtained their wealth through a well timed money shot.
The Koch Brothers are Jizz Money. As a matter in fact two-thirds of the 1% are Jizz Money.
by Slick Lion November 15, 2015
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Someone who falsely believes they're intelligent, but only produces profoundly stupid and irrational thoughts and beliefs. Their source of information is almost entirely made up of Google searches.
The intellectual farce, recommended hydroponic skyscrapers as a way to solve the problem of global warming's negative effect on food production.
by Slick Lion November 15, 2015
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Someone who can't bring themselves to jump through hoops for carrots. Instead they draw their own hoops. These people are typically found in upper management, or in the creative department being shit upon jizz money.
He's a hoop drawer, or as he puts it. He earned his degree between two pints of America's Finest Lager.
by Slick Lion November 15, 2015
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Someone who spends their life doing what everyone else tells them to do. Typically associated with high achievers who never learn to draw their own hoops.
Jane graduated from college with a computer science degree, and became a professional hoop jumper. She took three steps back, before jumping through hoop Google put in front of her. She was closer by three gallons, to the question how much water does it take to fill the Empire State Building, than anyone else.
by Slick Lion November 15, 2015
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Any extra tutoring and/or SAT prep lessons, one takes to prepare for college examines or life.
How did you get that SAT score? My dad's rich so he got me hula hoop lessons.
by Slick Lion November 15, 2015
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Is the retelling of events through the eyes of a gay, lesbian, or transgender individual. The recap of events are meant to be quintessentially gay. A gaycap is meant to be humorous to people outside the LGBTQ community.

The term was coined and is used often on TRANZGENDR.com, particularly when breaking down the weekly Gay of Thrones gaycaps of Game of Thrones.
Did you watch the Gay of Thrones gaycap of Game of Thones on TRANZGENDR.com?
by Slick Lion May 18, 2016
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