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An amount of high quality marijuana but only 10 dollars worth. also known as a "ten bud". Most dealers won't sell these but if your close and or desprate they will. A very nice alternative to smoking low grade weed when you dont got much cash.
Cory:"Hey dude how much we got total?"
Ethan:"shit, only 12 bucks and i dont want a dime of schwag!"
Cory:"no, thats good! we can get a tenny from my dude"
by SkunkyBuds July 10, 2006

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every other definition lists it as 10 dollars worth of weed but where im from thats not even close. In Winona, MN it is 25 dollars for a dime of kine bud it weighs anywhere from 1.6 to 1.9g or even 2.0g Never is a dimebag 10 dollars here. The bud is amazing too. Depending on how you smoke it will should be about 5 fat bowls worth maybe 6. If the bud is extremely potent (more than ussual) or if it's a special strain (Purple Haze, G-13, White Widow, Trainwreck)or the town is dry some dealers will make you pay 30 bucks for a dime.
"Lets get a dimebag for friday, yo"
"damn, bud is expensive....alright!"
by Skunkybuds July 10, 2006

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