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1. In the Star Trek universe Imzadi is a Betazoid word that translates roughly into "Beloved". It basically means someone who is very dear to you; a soulmate. It is also used as a term of endearment.
The most famous usage, of course, was between that of Counslor Deanna Troi and Lt. Cmd. William Riker on Star Trek: TNG.

2. The name of Ami's black and white female housecat.
"You are my heart and soul, Imzadi, and I shall love you forever," she whispered, tears in her eyes.
by Skayda February 08, 2008

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A shy yet well-meaning Draenei transplanted from her native planet, Draenor to Azeroth. As her name implies, Tacita tends to be taciturn and keep to herself.

She is studying the ways of the Priestess under the tutelage of The High Priestess Laurena at The Cathedral of Light in Stormwind.

On Draenor she had just begun to learn the ways of the Mystics and what the old ones could teach her regarding The Naaru.

Tacita has great concern for the souls of those around her and those she loves. Most especially, she wishes to exchange knowledge of a spiritual nature with people of other races and cultures.

Tacita is open-minded and willing to at least try to accept new ideas and beliefs. But, she will always fight The Darkness with The Light and the Powers of Good at her disposal.

Of the utmost importance to her is Ayashii, her beautiful Lifemate, without whom she would never have made it so far in life.

"Is it any wonder why I fell in love with you?"
~Ayashii to Tacita

"Tacita has potential, to speak true, but her lack of patience, I forsee, is going to be a problem in the future."
~High Priestess Laurena.

"Have you come to give us sweeties, Tacita?"
~Random Stormwind Orphan.
by Skayda July 10, 2008

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Affectionate nickname for second Roman Emperor after Augustus, Emperor Tiberius Caesar Augustus.

Did you finish reading those chapters on Tibby, yet?

Tibby reminds me a bit of Professor Snape.
by Skayda December 23, 2006

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In the squirrels community, pancaking is a type of physical form of relaxation. It's when a squirrel is so relaxed that it will lay down on it's stomach with it's back legs flat out and just lay there all content. It's called pancaking because of the way they seem to become as flat as a pancake during this activity.
"It's so cute how Hermione loves to pancake on top of my head!"

"Look at that group of pancaking squirrels on the rock over there!"

"Ginny was all pancaked out last night on top of her cage before bed! She was so sleepy!"
by Skayda July 17, 2014

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