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really shy. normally a football person. from indiana and loves the colts and peyton manning. beautiful and loving. great kisser and very loving. REALLY TALL AND SKINNY
you see her lips thats that girl from indiana Laurena with the nice lips. and has braces and grey eyes
by kaykaya October 29, 2011
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Shy, athletic, outgoing if comfortable, loveable person, makes a great friend, usually is in shape.
If you know a Laurena ... She will probably be by your side forever.
by Laurena Definition January 07, 2018
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A smart, deathly sarcastic, amazing girl who can drive you insane. She’s really fun to be around. She’s a great listener, especially because she can be a quiet at times. She’s great st comforting people but usually she’ll tell you if your being annoying. She seems tough but she has a soft side. She can be hurt easily by those close to her and can cry easily when she’s hurt. Sometimes it’s hard for her to speak her mind, and because of this she lies to keep people from getting hurt. over all she’s a really good friend. Get u a girl like Lauren
A lauren.A is a sweet sarcastic closed off girl
by Big.BOIII.69 July 24, 2018
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