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People Who engage in this "pastime" are usually found south of the greater city in the north west liverpool commonly it is an activity holiday for mancs they go to wales find a farm which isnt hard then they fcuk sheep. the reasoning behind this is the girls in manchester are so disgusting it burns your eyes and scouse girls have the common sense not to touch this hideous specimen
Scouser:- Why do u shag Sheep?
Manc:- whats it to do with you ar kid?
Scouser 'bang' chekky sheep shagger
by Simundo September 15, 2006
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used by mancs to describe things that are good. they are fuckin idiots and dont realise how stupid they sound
Scouser:- did you see everton beat liverpool 3-0?
Manc:- yea it was mint!
Scouser:- fuck off you prick i was talkin to me mate
by Simundo September 15, 2006
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