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a city with a combined 3 teeth between em. they also have 27000 empty seats. poor poor sunderland, being the shit tip next to one of englands best nightlife cities. what does a mackem live off however? all they seem to live off is getting six in a row vs newcastle (which is more than irrelevant now) and beating pompey in a playoff semi in league 1. great things to brag about for such a "massive" football club.
those mackems have a small mentality. all they can brag about is 6 in a row and a league 1 playoff semi. tinpot tinpot sunderland.
by Simple fakts November 19, 2021
Best fuckin diesel out there. Sadly they are marmite engines, you get the sensible people that think they are hellfire and great engines, then you get the shitheads who wank over class 37s saying how shit they are.
Peak basher: Cus they are hellfire you deaf twat, go back to wanking over EE and leave the sulzers to the real men.

If you dont like the sound of a class 45, please get your ears tested. Or you just go round chasing 37s and hate anything that isnt or doesnt sound similar to a class 37.
by Simple fakts May 30, 2022
A cunt.

Could be worse, could be an emo.
Person 1: Aye look mate theres a group of goths over there having a rave to death metal
Person2: Cunts.
by Simple fakts October 27, 2021
Someone from Southampton aka an inbred cunt. Known for playing with a horses genitalia and sucking their mums toes.
Person 1: How will the Pony Fiddlers do today against Leicester?
Person 2: Theyll lose 9-0 then wank off some horses after
by Simple fakts June 25, 2021
A shit club in league 1 with a 3 sided stadium, tinpot. They are tiny so the only thing they live off is being obsessed with rivals Swindon and beating Portsmouth in the playoff semi final, and went on to lose the final.
Who do you support mate?
Oxford United
That explains the 12 fingers then. Also when you said you shag your sister, I thought it was a joke.
by Simple fakts February 15, 2021
Fucking boring. Its called football yet they dont use their feet. If you are struggling to sleep just put a game of american football on and youll be sleeping by the end of the first quater.
by Simple fakts April 4, 2021