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A hoe with such a whorish vigor for Tanning, Getting slammed, Hair extensions, and getting railed so hard that the amount of whoredom has endowed her with a copious degree of titillating power--thus turning her into a Goddess.

Not to be confused with any normal hoe, slut, or skank, she towers above them with her many ways of drawing an ordinary male's (or said male's sexual organs) attention.
Yea, you will love me, for you will soon know my awesome power. I am Hoeseidon, Queen of all the Hoecean.

Hoesiedon's thong has been said to cure any man's erectile dysfunction.
by Simon Bensen: Philanthropist March 31, 2010

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Any place that is encompassed by a sea of hoes, sluts, skanks, or whores. Thongs viewable in everyone's peripherals. An ocean filled with women (of the slut variety).
Many a man has wished to venture into the realm of the Hoecean, only to be drowned by the amount or engrossing eye candy, that they are mentally overpowered when all that blood shifts to their southern regions.

Common Hoecean locations: Public high schools, twilight book readings, Dance Clubs, Bars, and Taylor Swift Concerts.
by Simon Bensen: Philanthropist March 31, 2010

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