2 definitions by Shrekandfionna

A person who has short black hair and is usually short
Lyha is farquaad a works at dreamworks animations”— Shrek
by Shrekandfionna February 19, 2019
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Don Lonjas

A fake friend who is short, has a big ass nose, gets butthurt easily, says the dumbest things possible, dates anything because she is desperate, proceeds to cheat on them and gets pressed by 8th graders then snitches, likes to wear crop tops that show her “Lonjas” and pants to high that show her nasty camel-toe.

“Don Lonjas thinks that by drinking she is “Lit”, yeah ik its dumb but thats her vocabulary.
“She is such a don lonjas”
by Shrekandfionna February 20, 2019
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