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The band of Euronymous, the great black metal spokesman who convinced the likes of Emperor and Immortal to be teh KVLT black metal they are instead of Death Metal, without Euronymous you wouldn't have the first wave of Norwegian black metal. Also the band was great for the first bit then Euronymous got juked and they kind of went downhill from there. Unfortunately criticized for being popular which in the black metal world seems to equal fail, this is wrong.
Guy 1 "Mayhem kicks ass, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas is epic win!"
Guy 2 "No they don't, teh r totl posrs!!11!!!!! Blashenehredgehrs is troo kvlt black metulZ!!!!
Guy3 " Actually, no guy 2 you are wrong."
by Shitrock September 24, 2008

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A totally awesome Black Metal musician, But he killed Euranymous of Mayhem so he's a dick.
" Uh...He fell on glass...
? "
- Varg Vikernes Before arest.
by Shitrock September 24, 2008

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A Crappy Deathcore band from America that defines poser.
Oli Sykes also believes Napalm Death's "Scum" Isn't real Grindcore. Phail! Ami rite?
"LULZ! I'm totally hardcore AND EMOtional. My Mommy killed my Daddy because she loves me, wah wah Grgrlgrgl *Squeal*, lulz where mur grindcore ten Napalm Death! lulz I has small penor :'( " - Oli Sykes of Bring me the Horizon
by Shitrock September 24, 2008

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