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To masterbate several times (4+) in quick sucsession (within 25 minutes) to become a 'wankwizzler' part of an elite few.
Random Man:Yeah baby, I wankwizzled my way up the wankwizzle chain to become a wankwizzler idol!
Man with a mullet: one day, may I be great enough to join these few heros....
by Shitballs July 12, 2004

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When a person 'eats' somebody's ring. The cheeks making up the 'buns' and the ring the 'meat' for one joyous arse burger. Often compared to the taste of Mcdonalds burgers(2)
Person:I love eating my girlfriends arse burger 24/7...mmmmm Mcdonalds

Person:Mmmmmm....arse burger
Person2:Put, my cheese burger down dude
by Shitballs July 08, 2004

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A tramp who enjoys pissing in the ass's of family members.
Brother:Take youre tongue out of my ass
Dossor: Thats my dick!
Brother: well control your bladder then and whipe your spunk off my face!
by Shitballs July 06, 2004

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The effect on the penis when Gay sex occurs with a curry obsessed man with a diarrhetic arsehole.
Gay Dave:Korma?

Jullian:Yeah you got it pal.

Gay Dave:Thanks! Good job you let me shit in you're mouth first...
by Shitballs July 06, 2004

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