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The awesomesuace name given to the pairing of John and Sherlock. It can be argued whether the pair is canon or merely fandom, although many Sherlockians and fanfiction writers are convinced it is canon. However, despite many Sherlockians shipping this pair, there has been some controversy due to the fact that Sherlock is portrayed as asexual and many people want it to stay that way.
Dude have you watched "Sherlock" on the BBC?
Yeah, dude it's the best show ever!
I totally ship Johnlock!!!
Oh my god me too!!!
by Sherlock'sSlave February 23, 2012

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Infantile, pathetic, pitiful. A term used to insult those who have emotional difficulties. A term used to make someone seem immature or invalid.
He cried over his dead dog, he is a such a smoll hahah!

She's having a bad day, she's so smoll!

He has difficulty expressing his feelings, what a smoll!
by Sherlock'sSlave July 30, 2015

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