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Quite obviously a typo for own. If you have a qwerty keyboard then you will notice that the p and the o are next to each other. Our ancestor (1 generation ago) used the word own quite commonly but over time people got the impression that the typo pwn was actually a word. If you think about it the words own and pwn can be used in the same contex.
God damn i own
God damn i pwn
by Shale September 09, 2005
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1337 is a word commonly used in the internet society. It is an abreviation of the world elite and is used to describe one who is obsessed and/or is pro at something.
Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is 1337est of them all?
/\/\! |2|20|2, /\/\1 |2|20|2 0/\/ 73|-| \/\/4|_|_ \/\/|-|0 !5 1337357 0|= 7|-|3/\/\ 411?
by Shale September 09, 2005
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Teh 1337 fat guy...............
your so fat shale...............
by shale May 09, 2005
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