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When the foul stench emanating from one's gob is so potent, that it will actually cause an immediate involuntary gag reflex, burn your eyes, and make you want to pack your sinus cavity with rotting skunk carcasses just to mask the smell.
As soon as I opened the door to the lab, Fred's shit breath hit me in the face like a sac of hammers, even though he was about 80 feet away. That, my friends, is potent shit breath.
by Shaithis June 16, 2006
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When a guy washes his hands with as little water as possible, usually without soap. He then proceeds to dry his still dirty hands transfering most of the dirt to a clean hand towel. The hands usually come away cleaner than the towel.
Husband: Honey, I've finished working in the garage.
Wife: Did you remember to wash your hands?
Husband: (fucking nag....to himself of course) Yes dear.
Wife: Did you use soap?
Husband: Soap?
Wife: You stupid fuck head, that's another good hand towel you've ruined with your man wash!
Husband: Shut up bitch, or I'll summon Limecat!
by Shaithis April 11, 2007
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a word that is defined WAY too many times. I personally like seeing a variety, but 148 SLUT definitions, talk about overkill ...common now!
SLUT appears 148 times
CUNT appears 146 times
CUM appears 84 times
FUCK appears 80 times (thought there would be more overkill here, surprise surprise)
GAY appears 78 times
PUSSY appears 66 times
by Shaithis March 28, 2008
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The complete and utter halt of any and all traffic in Ottawa, Canada while President Obama rolls around in his monster sled aptly named "The Beast" for 6 hours.

P.S. I hope the "Beavertail" was worth tying up Ottawa traffic for an extra hour durring rush hour.
Usually I pick my blazing hot wife up at 3:46, but due to the Obama Jam, she spent an hour sitting in a crappy OC Transpo bus waiting for The Beast to roll by.
by Shaithis February 20, 2009
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The Godly act of averting cataclysmic disaster and overwhelming odds to forever become a household name.
Eric: Holy crap!!The U.S. economy is about to go to hell.
Pat: No worries man, I'm sure Obama will Land it like Sully.
Eric: Glad we live here in Canada though.
Pat: Shhhh, they'll hear us.
by Shaithis January 27, 2009
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