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Originally meant "To act drunk"
Has recently become a revolutionary internet cult, Zlal now means all that is stoned, strange or discombobulated.
20:31:23 @Shadowlurker: Zlal. Pure Zlal.
by Shadowlurker July 09, 2003

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The best unreal series mapping site out there. Contains all the best maps and has requent reviews on them.
by Shadowlurker September 11, 2004

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WinPcap is a port of the Unix libpcap (packet capture) library, which in turn is build on BPF (Berkeley Packet Filter). WinPcap consists of wpcap.dll, which implements the high-level functions, and packet.dll, which is the kernel-mode driver.
Snort (www.snort.org) and Ethereal (www.ethereal.com) both use WinPcap.
by ShadowLurker July 17, 2003

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