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One who is actually hot and doesn't wear undergarments and shows this in an unsluttish way, and protects her assets in the process.
Really hot girls: the ones who's breasts look nice, supported, plump, & perky in tank/sexy top, no droopy saggy. Also who wear tights/sexy pants skirts ,etc. that show enough while revealing a nice tight ass, no flat, saggy, droopy.
by Shadow007 September 06, 2007

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International Deffocation Society
I.D.S. is another questionable secret society that leaves behind subtle yet annoying signs of existence.
by Shadow007 August 21, 2007

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any female who unwisely attracts attention to what one thinks she has, yet doesn't. An attractively appealing female would have every right to show off in a similar way what one does have.
An extremely fat or scrawny female who wears tight lycra to show off is a slut.
by Shadow007 August 21, 2007

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