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A sagacious is a dick curved at an angle so much that it pokes either the left or right ovary when fucking a female.
I fucked a dude with a Sagacious and I think I may have bruised an ovary. It really just felt like my left ovary was being fucked and not my pussy
by Sexymarx June 4, 2019
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cum after it gooes up and coagulates. Probably smells like that Chinese food you had last Friday sitting in your bedroom drawer
I found a megert the size of a quarter panties after I saw Eli tonight
by Sexymarx December 5, 2018
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the hottest, most fuckable, fattest pussy lip owning candy out there. she has huge dominatrix vibes and won’t hesitate to pull the strap out to spice things up. the green m&m, the hottest m&m, has been our sexual awakening and we don’t even know it.
man i just want the green m&m to peg me and spit on me
by Sexymarx April 7, 2020
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