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(noun)-the sexual act in which a man inserts his erect penis into a woman's moist vagina (or a man's lubed-up asshole) in a position in which he is spinning around in a helocopter-like motion while playing Halo 3 and achieving at least a double kill
I'm so impressed that Jimmy was able to Doomcopta Sally yesterday. He dominated me in Halo and pleased his lady friend. I still don't know how he can see the tv.
by Senor Quigles November 07, 2007
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espanol(vulgarisimo) inf. verb- 1)to shit 2)to take a poop on someone

see also mierda
Voy a cagar en tu pecho. (im going to shit on your chest)
by Senor Quigles February 26, 2006
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adv.- 1. to get kids like batman or in an extremly sneeky or crafty way
2. used to describe the verb batman
3. used to describe a democrat's campain
If Swiper was thievious he would kick Dora's ass.
by Senor Quigles May 22, 2006
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(noun)- 1. a member of the the rebublican party aka the greatest party ever 2. someone the the right views on basically everything 3. a person who: a. love america b. hates people that hate america aka liberals c. belives that people shouldnt depend on the gov't for thier daily life, whats good for big business is good for america(the trikle down effect), supports human rights but isnt afraid to kill criminals 4. a person that cares about black people enough to limit gov't aid and give them ways off welfare 5. Abe Lincoln the greatest president who freed the slaves and did black people the biggest favor ever

(adj)- to have to qualitys of a republican. or jesus
to have opposite qualities than satin
Republicans support American more than those liberal bastards.
by Senor quigles December 21, 2005
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