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Separation of Church and State is an ideology protecting religious freedom by ensuring government does not interfere to favor or disfavor private religious establishments so long as they practice without violating another's individual rights. The clause also protects from churches and other religious organizations interfering with government practices in an attempt to remove religious freedom so as to favor their beliefs. This clause proposes a metaphorical wall between government and religious establishments, unlike the one-way street idea proposed by fanatical religious theocrats.
Wiccan: You can't limit my freedom to worship in peace. We have separation of Church and State.

Radical Fundamentalist: No you don't! That clause represents a one-way street. Government is not to interfere with churches but churches can control the government and limit the rights of non-believers!

Wiccan: I hear Iran is lovely this time of year.
by Secularist June 20, 2011
One of the many lovely Americans (using the term loosely) who mistakingly believes that our established free nation is merely a pot of clay for them to mold into a theocratic, religious fanatic regime where Mosaic Law (basically Sharia law, Old Testament version) is forced upon all and anyone who doesn't adhere to the established religion and beliefs is persecuted and killed. Basically this is the Christian version of the Muslim cleric/fanatic. This term is not to be confused to refer to merely anyone of the Christian religion.
Person 1: "Did you hear Christian Reconstructionist Bradlee Dean talk about how Sharia law is more moral than American values because it brutally slaughters gays and lesbians? Then he accused gays of tearing down our country's fabric to allow Sharia law"

Person 2: "Huh. Maybe he should try getting his facts straight before he opens his mouth. Someone ought to ship him over to Iran if he loves it so much"

Person 1: "He'd sure be much happier preaching the Gospel..."
by Secularist October 21, 2011
A euphemistic name conjured up by a notorious group of people climbing up their moral pedastools, insisting that gays are the cause of World War II, justifying atrocites and discrimination of those non-christian, poor or Native American, and supporting the complete dissapearance of the word 'gay'.
"Don we now our gay apparel
Fa la la, la la la, la la la"

{American Family Association} Oh dear. That doesn't look right...

"Don we now our homosexual apparel
Fa la la, la la la, la la la"
by Secularist June 18, 2011
An infinite punishment sentenced by a loving god for finite transgressions, and for not wholly submitting to a loving god.
Johnny was a good man. He'd gave much of his money away to charity. However Johnny didn't submit to the Christian god, so god in his infinite mercy and selflessness lovingly threw him in the lake of fire known as hell to burn in agony for all eternity.
by Secularist June 19, 2011