Someone who is able to see a thing, item, object as the sum of it's components and further to that see a variety of alternative ways to use those components in unlimited combinations. Or someone who is able to see unconventional ways to use existing technology, methodology or machinery such that it takes on a completely new purpose or practicality.
Many people who are praised for their ability to produce unique works are in reality reconstructionists.
by Santas little helper January 29, 2015
One who adheres to the idea that the United States of America should become a theocracy ruled by the rules of the Bible; a Christian Republic.
The President may not be a Christian Reconstructionist, but many of his favorite evangelical preachers are.
by Samuel L. Wordsmith January 7, 2005
One of the many lovely Americans (using the term loosely) who mistakingly believes that our established free nation is merely a pot of clay for them to mold into a theocratic, religious fanatic regime where Mosaic Law (basically Sharia law, Old Testament version) is forced upon all and anyone who doesn't adhere to the established religion and beliefs is persecuted and killed. Basically this is the Christian version of the Muslim cleric/fanatic. This term is not to be confused to refer to merely anyone of the Christian religion.
Person 1: "Did you hear Christian Reconstructionist Bradlee Dean talk about how Sharia law is more moral than American values because it brutally slaughters gays and lesbians? Then he accused gays of tearing down our country's fabric to allow Sharia law"

Person 2: "Huh. Maybe he should try getting his facts straight before he opens his mouth. Someone ought to ship him over to Iran if he loves it so much"

Person 1: "He'd sure be much happier preaching the Gospel..."
by Secularist October 21, 2011