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Someone who knows that they are all that and they have the characteristics to back it up.
This name is self descriptive
by Secret admirer September 30, 2004

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Clover is aterm used to describe a genuiely beautiful girl. One that makes you stop for a moment but yet it feels liek an eternity and go - oh my lord. This is true beauty.
Oh my god, did you see Clover today. She looked just amazing.
by Secret Admirer October 13, 2004

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The scriptiest of script kiddies. Can't stop playing with AOL. Tries hard to claim he's punjab, but is really a dorky white kid who doesn't leave the house.
Don't be like Hypah, it's bad for you.
by Secret Admirer June 18, 2003

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A kid who plays with Lego'sand hangs out on nerdy internet forums all day. Loves calculators and Linux.
Belvie Moore is a weird kid.
by Secret ADmirer October 22, 2004

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a DAMN FINE american representative in the MOTO GP world who seems be marking his place in the race
Will you marry me Nicky Hayden??? or maybe have your first born??
by secret admirer July 07, 2004

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Lovely, Talented, Gorgeous, Intelligent, Funny, and Cute...
Melissa Moore is beautiful
by Secret Admirer January 30, 2005

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SideburnZ, or BurnZy as some may call him, is an internet legend. He is renowed for his ability to trick anyone, especially the dumb or sexually deviant.

Whether he destroys the cyber life of an internet predator like BigJ (Classic) or he forces a paedophile into hiding amongst a river of his own tears (GameOver!), he does so with a style and comical wit that are unmatched. He is a warrior. He is an artist.

Under his hard shell lies a gentle soul that few have yet to see. A past of pain has buried the lad in a shroud of privacy. The few that are let in to see the true, real SideburnZ fall in love instantly.

And he has a great ass.
"Look at the ass on him...BurnZy must work out!"
by SECRET ADMIRER January 25, 2005

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