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An abnormal condition involving an unatural desire to produce new nomenclature to describe biological concepts. This condition has recently began to be used in describing words in all areas of science, not just biology. The condition is caused by a researcher or american news anchors' desire to become famous for coining new terms.
He made up a dumb word demonstrating his blatent bionomenphilia.
by Seany S February 11, 2008
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This is a sex act that involves first the recipient having fecal matter deposited on their face and smeared, like a cleveland steamer combined with a mud fall. Then adding in a swirlie, the individual's face is placed in a toilet as it is flushed while having intercourse in a doggystyle position.
A tasmanian dirt devil exquisitely combines defecation and fear of suffocation to heighten the sexual experience.
by Seany S April 01, 2008
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chewing tobacco in any amount.
I bought a tin of cherry dingman at the Loaf & Jug.
by Seany S February 24, 2008
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