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A friend that often spots, sniffs out, winds or otherwise identifies, women who are described as hot or good looking by that said friend but who are actualy butt ugly, scanky or otherwise unatractive.
The new guy is a total bowser hound he thinks the fry cook lady is hot.

Trever always spots the hot chicks, he's no bowser hound.

Jeff is a total bowser hound he keeps picking up women over at the curves work out center.
by Scurveydog June 27, 2012
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When a fry a cook wrings out liquid from a wash cloth, sweat ban, dish towl, sponge, shamwow, or other obsorbent thing onto, under or around your hamburger while cooking it up special just for you.
Matt and Trevor got the shaky shitts after eating those scrunge burgers at the cafe.

My double bacon chease burger tasted like soap, that scanky ass bitch cooked me another scrunge burger

Jimmy was so hungry he could eat a sack of scrunge burgers.

Luther wrang out his sweat band on the griddle before cooking those cops a good old fashiond scrunge burger.
by Scurveydog June 27, 2012
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