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Related to the term "Eskimo Brothers", an Eskimo Princess is a girl with whom Eskimo Brothers have both had sexual relations with.
David and Will had both slept with Sara, hence Sara is David and Will's Eskimo Princess.
by Schmideo Video October 26, 2010

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The Hot Girl Paradigm refers to the universal effects that occur which are unique to Hot Girls; these items include:

(1) lots of free stuff
(2) the ability to ignore (or break) laws, moral or statutory, without repercussion
(3) unqualified professional advancement
(4) lots more free stuff
(5) the ability to achieve (1-4) without criticism.

Hot Girls live either consciously, subconsciously, or both, within the Hot Girl Paradigm or (Hot Girl Universe), a place that someone who isn't a Hot Girl cannot understand or operate, willing or otherwise.

The Hot Girl Paradigm is the metaphorical and socio-gender-economic opposite of the Glass Ceiling.
"Geez I've only been to like 20 Mavericks games in suites this year, and had to sit courtside like 5 times" - an example of an often-heard statement from the mouth of a Hot Girl. They couldn't comprehend that normal people (non-season-ticket holders) wouldn't attend 30+ NBA games a year, in $500+ tickets, for free. This is an effect of the Hot Girl Paradigm.

Hot Girls also receive many other things for free that most people would pay significantly for - "I had a flat tire and the guy at Discount Tire gave me 2 free tires and a free battery." - this does not happen to guys. Or ugly people. Hot Girl Paradigm.

In the Hot Girl Paradigm, a girl can also: obtain a table at dinner without a reservation, gain immediate access to clubs, skip lines at the movie theatre, etc.
by Schmideo Video March 26, 2012

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A temporary condition, either genetic, or often caused by excessive alcohol usage, wherein an individuals face contorts to a cringed, "wonky" position. Some of the effects include lazy-eye, a lazy, half-smile or combination, appearing as if the person perhaps has a "lazy-face" or lack of muscle control in one side of their face.

Although the condition is temporary, it is often regular and repeated in many individuals.
Whenever she drinks, she gets wonkfaced; or, his ex girlfriend is a wonkface.
by Schmideo Video January 30, 2011

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Acronym meaning "return on Meals and Wine" (pronounced Row-maw); A financial measure used to calculate the ROI on dating a particular person (typically used when a male courts a female).
James took out Elizabeth 5-6 times, to dinner, concerts and drinks, and didn't get any action. She's got a low ROMW.
by Schmideo Video December 01, 2011

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