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When a person feels visually or mentally stimulated after a particular event has taken place
"Seeing Andre land that beast kickflip had me cweamin"
by Sbb Magoon WA June 20, 2019
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TTNL is an abbreviation for the phrase; "to the next level", it is usually used in the same context as ttm(to the max). TTNL is a stronger word then ttm, but not as strong as ttmfm (to the mutha fuckin max).
a) Person 1: Man Bobs a fucking faggot ttm
Person 2: hes a faggot to ttnl

b) Person 1: lulz ttm
Person 2: lulz ttnl
by Sbb Magoon WA January 20, 2008
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A Facebook-Photoshoot (commonly known as F-P's):For a facebook album/series of profile pictures to be considered as a F-P it must consist of at least 3 pictures with 2 or more of the same people in the same place in different poses. These pictures are usually taken by one of the people included in the picture, rather then having someone else take the picture.
Picture 1: Ashley and Colin with their arms around eachother (may or may not be taken by one of the two)
Picture 2: Ashley and Colin kissing eachothers cheek (may or may not be taken by one of the two)
Picture 3: Ashley and Colin smokin a ciggy bah (may or may not be taken by one of the two)

Since there are 3 pics it is considered as a "Facebook-Photoshoot"
by Sbb Magoon WA January 14, 2008
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