3 definitions by Sazaleen

It is said when you do not understand something or even a word being said.

I don't like his classes because it's all Greek to me.

Salwa complained about her teachers because she said the lessons were all Greek to her.
It's all Greek to me
by Sazaleen July 8, 2016
at sb's disposal

to be ready or available to do something for someone with a great pleasure.

No worries dear Salwa, I am at your disposal at anytime.

If you would like me to do this work, I am at your disposal.
at sb's disposal
by Sazaleen July 8, 2016
to risk a bad thing that is happening to you by doing something or assisting someone

Please dear Van Abdullah I'm going to put my head on the block for you.

I hope Van's boyfriend is going to have his head on the block for her.
have/put your head on the block
by Sazaleen July 12, 2016