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Mediocrally is an adverb derived from mediocrity (also derived from mediocre).
After the investment banker and kindergarten teacher met on Jdate, they got married and lived mediocrally ever after.
by Sara Alize Cross January 04, 2009

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noun - A strollerjam (sometimes spelled stroller jam) happens when three or more baby strollers are too close together or unable to cross each other's paths and block sidewalk traffic, entrances to stores, restaurants and other businesses. Sometimes a strollerjam will happen in the aisles of a grocery store, this is the worst and most dangerous kind of strollerjam.
Today in Park Slope, three MILFs got into a strollerjam on the corner outside the organic market. Luckily, there were no serious casualties.
by Sara Alize Cross January 06, 2009

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noun - event - An offline party is a gathering of cool, interesting single people who have had it with online dating, faceboinking, and generally living life online. An offline party is reminiscent of the infamous singles parties of the 1970s, but everyone keeps their own keys.
While scrolling through the incessantly mediocre profiles of men and women on jdate that began with the words 'I work hard and play hard' or 'I am fun-loving and love my family,' some friends decided to host an offline party, inviting only the coolest and most interesting and unconventional people they could find online. They prayed the guests would look like their profile pictures and not turn out to be total douchebags.
by Sara Alize Cross January 07, 2009

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A person, dog, or cat, who is overweight due to overeating or lack of exercise. Generally, the extra weight will be centered around the middle (or gut), thus creating a rotund appearance.
For humans: I can't find a dress shirt that doesn't look like a tent. It seems like all these dress shirts are really made for Fatty McFattersteins.

For dogs/cats: My cat lives for breakfast and dinner and she has an extra pouch hanging down. What a little Fatty McFatterstein.

by Sara Alize Cross January 07, 2009

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A chunkazoid is a small to medium sized dog that is beginning to resemble a trapezoidal shape due to weight gain. The word can also be applied to domestic cats.
This winter, the omnivorous little beagle ate too many treats and didn't exercise as much as usual. Wow, did she become a chunkazoid.
by Sara Alize Cross January 07, 2009

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