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The phrase you dread seeing most in the summer holidays when you go into town for uniform shopping. Why on earth should stores torture you with a reminder that schools just a few weeks away?
I went into Pound Stretcher and saw what i dreaded most, signs saying 'Back to School'.
by sangajin August 13, 2007
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The minute of leetness derives from the word 1337(leet). It happens every day when the clock reads 13:37 at which point you can do what the hell you like whether at work or any where else.
It's 13:37, the minute of leetness, now we can take a break for minute and slack off!
by Sangajin May 17, 2007
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(Verb) To fap - another word for Wank
(Noun) - Describes the sound made when wanking, fap,fap,fap
Lee loves to fap over female sangheili hentai.
by sangajin January 16, 2008
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An air-biscuit is when you fart, catch it in your hand, then release into someone's face.
Lee loves to spraff for air-biscuits.
by sangajin January 09, 2007
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The jackets which the scum of the earth wear. There arew different varieties;
Tog 24
Mera peek
Look at the charver over there with his charver armour on.
by sangajin March 22, 2007
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To play card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh or WOW.
Lad 1: Wanna play Yu-Gi-Oh?
Lad 2: Yes, lets give it the Cardage.
by Sangajin March 10, 2008
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A spraff is a deragotory term for someone who talks to someone just for one thing, usually money or some form of drug.
Oh, look here's John the spraff, i bet he's here spraffing for dope again.
by sangajin May 07, 2007
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