4 definitions by SanbiDaGreat

Rafin is from Borishal . He is cute and fat . Safif Islam calls him "Baboo" because he acts like baboo. He loves milestone and the teachers .
by SanbiDaGreat February 13, 2023
English instructor and a hardcore accounting enjoyer. He's also good in ICT . He the bottle of hot sauce basically.Every woman in Bangladesh wants him. He is the disciple of Tom Imam . He hates Game of thrones.
You're good looking like Samin Imam
by SanbiDaGreat February 1, 2022
A1 ager theke Better rebuild korte parbe?
Rahim Ur Mubashir is saul good man
by SanbiDaGreat February 13, 2023
Aslo known as Saachi . He's a music critic by passion and an Alabama King. He loves his cousin and his friends . He is single tbh ngl fr . He also known as The CEO of S*x
You're just like Araf Binashraf
by SanbiDaGreat January 31, 2022