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A person with very good musical tastes and uses Panic! At The Disco lyrics in everyday conversations.
People talking-
kid1- Did you see that boy?
kid2- What did he look like?
kid1- He(gets cut off)
other kid not in conversation( panic at the disco fan)- boys will be boys hiding in estrogen and wearing Aubergene dreams
by Samkid December 02, 2006

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South Harmon Institute of Technology
In the movie Accepted,the fake college was called shit
by Samkid December 23, 2006

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Similar to emo and scenester. Only they are not as depressed as emo or go to shows as much. They are not posers, they like the music and style. They just can't get out and about and are more happy.
She is so stight because she can't go to shows and she doesn't even hate herself.
by Samkid December 12, 2006

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