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The description of a positive end result
How's that greasy pie, fatty?
-"The meat to potato ratio is text book. It's a zimmer mate, thanks for asking."
by Sam Calvert May 29, 2007

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a non-descript, yet somewhat repugnant substance forming due to lack of attentiveness to a particular item (being animal vegetable or mineral). Not dissimilar to mould or a throbbing infectious mound of bacteria, though the similarities between the two are few and far between. One would apply the term where other more clinical references would cause a social faux pas when utered in pleasant company.
Scrape away that scrot from your undercarriage, it's the Sabbath, and we know how dim a view He would take.
by Sam Calvert March 17, 2006

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An elderly person. Not a term used to intimidate of offend, moreover for the description of a third person.
What's our new Latin teacher like?

What do you think he's like? He's just some miserable old gipper like the rest of them
by Sam Calvert November 28, 2007

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An elderly person who is clearly close to death but stubbornly refuses to walk towards the light. Their sole purpose seems to be the selfish depravation of others oxygen. They are only friends to plants and trees.
- I went down to the bank earlier today and couldn't move for bloody coffin dodgers drawing out their pension

- Tell me about it, my grandma's an oxygen thief, I wish she'd hurry up and die so I can get my hands on some cash
by Sam Calvert November 28, 2007

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