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The same as Fox News, except more subliminally promotes Washington's war propaganda and uses it's supposed "objectivity" to confuse the hell out of American viewers, who either mistake it for a "non-biased" or "left-leaning" news station. They're no different from the rest of the mainstream media, controlled by a small group of people who have an agenda.
Most trusted name in News for those that don't have BBC,satilite tv, or the internet.
by Sako December 28, 2003

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An okay rock band in the beginning, but they watered-down into superficial substanceless posers to fit into the MTV crowd.
If you hang a Limp Bizkit poster on your wall, it would send the price of the whole house down to $30,000.
by Sako December 24, 2003

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What going on with these positive definitions? Is Limp becoming popular again? I didn't know their new album did that well. Well, nothing wrong with Fred coming back the spot light, we'll just crack more jokes about him and make parodies of his new songs.
keep posin', posin', posin' posin'(yeah)
by Sako January 09, 2004

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If Durst can fuck up Scott Stapp from Creed, how come he turned down the boxing match Stapp called for. When Mr. "Back the Fuck Up", Mr. "Chainsaw", Mr. "Break Your Fuckin' Face" is called out, he becomes Mr. "I don't want to resort to violence".
If Fred Durst that much of a fake-ass jocker, I wonder what that says about those trying look tough by being him.
by Sako December 26, 2003

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