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a Bleskie is a type of person who always finds something to lol at. A Bleskie doesn't seem to care what people think, and enjoys life as it is. There is often some kind of relationship between a Bleskie and the Safety Dance and Barrel Rolls.
"You're so happy all the time! You're such a Bleskie!"
by S_S_Minno April 02, 2009

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A language developped throughout Canada. The language was initially started in a small Saskatchewan town, but did not become official until it reached Ontario. The language has been shared throughout Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Alberta.
The language itself consists of words that are non-existant in English, or a form of slang to English vocabulary. The language is most commonly used with wide hand gestures.
Nom - Eat, snack, food
Bocker - Chicken
Frugen - Frick, a term for greatly annoyed or upset
Sok - "It's okay"
Burb - "Be Right Back"
Curious - A term for a sexually related question

"They should teach Alyssa in school, it would make it so much easier to understand you."
by S_S_Minno April 02, 2009

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