2 definitions by SXExcore

The gansta version of the macarena. the words still cant be understood, and it has launched as many parodies that are as retarded as the song itself.
person #1: What are you listening to? And why are you dancing??

person #2: It's Crank Dat and I'm dancing yo.

preson #1: Righhhtt. You look like you're doing the Macarena on speed.

by SXExcore October 25, 2007
drug free...just the way it sounds- not doing drugs. this mostly applies to uncontroled substances and recreational drugs. mostly striaght edge kids would say they are drug free, but anyone can be! there is only one thing you have to do...not do drugs.
Drug free is the way to be!

dude 1: you wanna take a hit, man?
dude 2: nah, i'm staying drug free.
by SXExcore May 26, 2007