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This emoji, which usually tends to express being excited in odd way, ashamed, suprised, horny etc

Its popularity increased with "when imposter is sus!" meme
-Wanna kiss?
-ummm... 😳
-pffffff the reaction whaaaat?
-its the flushed emoji, one of my favs 😳
by STVJet July 4, 2022
The type of fan who's intrested in only ONE character (usually because they find them attractive) and hate the rest of the characters in the same work/franchise.
-Hey, who's your favorite character in this game? John? Thomas? Alice?
-Idgaf about neither of them, I'm only here for Nolan, he's like the only person I actually enjoy watching
-Ah, so you're oni-fan then
by STVJet December 24, 2021
Usually its used as argument in discussion when you are absolutely bored and dont have any argument to said except the thing you hate is "bad".
-Man i hate this game
-Cause this game and whole franchise sucks lol
-Yea but it's very good, story is cool , graphics are amazing, gameplay is really engaging
-*"X bad"* bad
-Lmao you just prove my point dumbass
-X bad
-no u
by STVJet August 25, 2022