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An office building or complex dedicated to global trade. The office must be a member of the World Trade Center Association to have the title.

Among the first trade centers built was the now destoyed New York landmark. The NYC Trade Center was famous for its twin 110 story towers which stood for 30 years as the largest office compex in the world, with 12 million square feet of commercial space. All 7 buildings that comprised the World Trade Center New York were destroyed on September 11th, 2001 after two Boeing 767-200ER's were deliberately flown into the Twin Towers by Al Qaeda terrorists.
I'm going to the world trade center to help my import/export business.
by STR June 06, 2006

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Mothers that #1: should not have been mothers.
They were always absent in taking care of their children.
These mothers end up with disfunctional children.
Unfortunately the children pay the price, because of the selfish mother.
Disfunctional absent mothers breed disfunctional children. And it's unfortunate for the children.
by str June 03, 2006

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StR - Means Static Reign, or Static_Reign. StR is the l33t 0wn3r of j00 all.
Hey, you got StR'd!

Yo, don't be using StR's name in vain, fucker!
by StR September 15, 2003

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