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The greatest rock and roll band of all time..that nobody listened to.
Man 1: Hey, I heard The Kinks broke up.

Man 2: (Weeps softly)
by Soup January 16, 2005

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N.) The insanely rich cousin to Mario from "The Super Mario Bros." by Nintendo. He looks like a demented Mario, but has a more kickass attitude.
Wario shall crush you all!
by Soup May 21, 2004

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silverchair kick fucking ass - they are rad.
"man! drinking vodka and banging sluts is almost as good as listening to silverchair!"
by soup June 11, 2003

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1. A war in the United States in where the Northern states fought against the Southern states. The bloodiest war in U.S. History.
2. A war in which America found out that it was so bad, that it had to kick its own ass.
3. A feud between family or family members.
3. He and his mom are going through civil war.
by Soup May 21, 2004

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1. A phrase coined by Joe in Viewtiful Joe, an awesome game on Nintendo's GameCube console.
Also seen in the Viewtiful Joe commercials, currently not airing.
2. A phrase said when someone is about to do something, esp. that's exciting or full of energy.
Henshin A Go Go Baby!
by Soup May 21, 2004

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A totally fucking badass adult swim that stupid fuckers bitch about. It's also followed up by a kickass space ghost interview.
"InuYashaXKagome707 says that Perfect Hair Forever sucks, so we should watch it."
by Soup December 20, 2004

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n. An extremely large phallus.

adj. Term used to describe one who has an extremely large phallus.

adj. A super-sexy God of the internets.
Damn nigga, you got a mighty violentcrayon.
by Soup February 23, 2005

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