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a woman who has lost her mind and thinks the world revolves around her; most often referring to the divorced biological mother of a child involved in a blended family.
"That woman is a crazy heifer."

"Did you read that text from the crazy heifer?"

"I can't believe that crazy heifer thinks she is your child's only parent."
by SMONSTER October 01, 2012
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a girl with boney hips who takes shit from no one. she can eat everything and probably out drink you. she acts like a guy but dresses better than most girls you can often find her dancing the night away or life. she is full of random facts and if you rub her belly, she gives better advice than buddha. she is savvy, witty, and quick like a cat.
kmonster beat my ass.
kmonster saved my life.
i wish i was kmonster.
by smonster July 27, 2006
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The true Osama Biomom Laden resorts to empty threats and acts that could rival terrorism when dealing with their child(ren)'s Biological Father or Step Mother. She is generally insecure and must use these tactics in order to prove her own power (or lack thereof) when it comes to matters that affect the children.
She's having another Osama Biomom Laden (OBL) day. She told me she was calling the polie because I picked up my child for my parenting time.

Did you get that email from Osama Biomom Laden (OBL) that I forwarded to you? Yeah, the one that says she is taking me to court because I taught our daughter to tie her shoes!
by SMonster November 07, 2012
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