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a girl with boney hips who takes shit from no one. she can eat everything and probably out drink you. she acts like a guy but dresses better than most girls you can often find her dancing the night away or life. she is full of random facts and if you rub her belly, she gives better advice than buddha. she is savvy, witty, and quick like a cat.
kmonster beat my ass.
kmonster saved my life.
i wish i was kmonster.
by smonster July 27, 2006
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someone who gets absolutly spangeled as fuck on ketamine disconnecting the brain from the body walking round like a zombie in the mist watchin the world turn upside down.

looking like there incredibly drunk, falling and rolling while dribbling all over the place.

k is becoming more and more common, its run wild in the free party scene and is now spilling into clubs across the country,

"today is a good day because today is a k day, infact everydays a k day...hooray for the k"
my mate ricky is such a fuckin k monster he can devour 2 grams of k in 2 lines, this is all very well apart from he's the driver.
by N4TE July 17, 2006
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