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This is the advancement beyond industry 4.0. As we move into 5G communication and our AI systems begin to evolve into more elaborate and sophisticated applications that extend the human experience and improve work life. Industry 4.1 focuses on evolving humanity out of the unhealthy work places of the world and placing workers into a more positive work environment that is fulfilling to them. This is done without additional cost to consumer, product, employer or employee. It is accomplished by using technology to elevate humankind, while we humans are still part of the work force in the world.

S Horton
Industry 4.1 reduces the need for humans to be involved in dangerous or physically daunting tasks that are normally accepted, all for the sake of economic gain.
Industry 4.1 helps to move humankind into the upper tiers of Maslow's hierarchy of needs and extending life by moving the lower tiers into more automated mechanized sequences that support humanity.

By S Horton - Director AIS R&D
by SH21 March 11, 2020
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Infurencer is used instead of influencer, when a pet or animal with fur is used in memes or other social media
Ana the dog is a social media infurencer for Purina puppy chow and My5enses.
by SH21 August 21, 2020
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This is the person you first married. They are whom you practice the act of marriage with. You may or may not get it right and move to another spouse. This applies to all genders and intermingling of genders and not specific to the traditional male / female ideal of marriage.
This is my wife/husband, or as I refer to her/him my practice spouse.

In honor of my Practice Spouse Lorri H!
by SH21 March 12, 2020
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Often a single project is executed and individuals or other departments recognize that the project could be redeployed in another application, or potential market. However the scale along with many other key business elements are yet to be determined and thus a formal product development process would crush something that may be re-deployed 7-10 times in the course of time, and thus it squelches the chance of development. A "Projuct" is the concept to take a preexisting project that has been executed and using the core concept and materials less the customer influenced or customized elements and re-offering it as a proven concept with the expectation that the "Projuct" will have a limited run of opportunities.

Products are standard and have minimal options, while Projucts are unformed beyond the core concept and standard elements and unlike products are not meant for high volume. This fluidity and understanding of limited run, allows for the core concept to remain while letting the peripheral aspects to become what is needed for the application or market.

Commonly a Projuct is developed to the following level and that is where the development stops, unless the volume increases and case for formal product development can be made.

Development level:

- Develop Whitepaper for core concept

- Develop brief presentation

- Develop YouTube or other published media point for concept

- Train sales force on concept, for them to identify other opportunities
We are going to offer this projuct to other markets.
by SH21 January 09, 2020
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