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A flash animation consisting of random images set to (often) non-English music. The images can range from pop culture icons, commercial products (soft drinks, brand name foods, etc.), or any other image that the animator may feel like putting in the flash. Animutations often also contain flashy backgrounds, lack a coherent plot, and contain nonsensical messages from the animator. Usually, the lyrics of the song are translated into disjointed English based on how they sound. And placed within the flash in some way.

Many animutations share common themes or images. For example, most animutations use pictures of the Canadian improv actor, Colin Mockerie.

Can also be known as an fanimutation
Have you seen that animutation John made last week?
by SCharon July 21, 2004
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The crazy cartoon Strong Bad made up in email #72. All of the episodes are about a blue cowcopter trying to get a worm out of the ground. And then Eh, Steve! comes out and delivers his catch phrase ("Eh, Steve!") and is chased away or yelled at by a black and white talking wheelchair. (who is voiced by Bubs.) Strong Bad himself is also in it. But his head is an old electronic keyboard that plays random demos.
Crazy cartoons usually have titles that have nothing to do with the cartoon itself. You know like Sweet Cuppin' Cakes.
by SCharon August 19, 2004
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