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n. the act of one masturbating with his or her hand in his or her's pocket where the pocket acts as a glove
The guy sitting in front of me was giving himself an intesne hot pocket in math today!
by SASQUATCH April 09, 2012

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Full of JAP's, stoners, rich people, AND poor people. What a combination! You are either in a band or rich or a stoner. It consists of an unnecessary amount of resturants and banks.
Also known as Weedham...
by Sasquatch March 19, 2005

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Your local trailer park ho. Derived from whore and hillbilly. Commonly seen on Jerry Springer.
person a: Look at that thing on tv. Someone should tell her to put some clothes on and tuck the gut.
Person B: GOSH , what a hobilly.
by sasquatch April 03, 2005

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The act of being very high- usually on marijuana.
"Hey- what do you think of this shit?"
"Man- I'm absolutely goofed."
by Sasquatch June 30, 2003

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to get super high- usually on marijuana
"Did you guys smoke up?"
"Man- I'm fuckin' roofed"
by Sasquatch June 12, 2003

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when you ejaculate around a girls pussy let it dry and then eat her out.
That was one tasty crusty taco i gave to megan last night!
by Sasquatch September 27, 2004

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baskettball term: when u hit a shot when someones right in front of u
*hits the shot* "In yo face"
by Sasquatch March 18, 2005

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