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Dominykas are a Sydnee's best friend. Normally crazy and fun, but sometimes a bit moody. Dominyka will often try to make you smile, and is a very helpful girl.
"Hey Tyler, let's go play a game with dominyka!"
"Sure, let's just run!"
by S1.knows.it.all April 25, 2019

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Cameron is a name of a boy. It originates from Scotland, therefore is probably Scottish or at least half Scottish. Cameron's are cute and easy to over love. Some may even break your heart. Most of them. And they will end things with you and still continue to hide that they are gay and block you.
"Hey, Cameron keeps looking at me!"
"He's gay lol"
"Don't you see, he's kissing that dude.
by S1.knows.it.all July 22, 2019

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