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A Gothic individual. Everyone wants a piece of him! Generally mistaken for Peter Steele or Trent Reznor. Also known as 'Shit Bag Brown'.S.B.B is from 'Somewhere gothic'-the plant mansion near the cemetery. He wears Gothic, ie a rather tight corset and bondage collars.

Coin spends his time causing anarchy with the company of Chinaman (Anarchist in training). But on top of all that action, he also likes to sit it and paint his nails black,only to chew them off after of course, whilst listening to *uhh heavy metal* and The Kooks. After school, picking mushrooms down the cemetery with Chink takes place. Finally, bondage sessions regualarly occur at night with ChangWang and Dean.

His favourite possession would possibly be his bandana which was manufactured in Tenerife!
*Come on Shit Bag!*-Chink

"Uhh, I'm comin' laak...Dean keep ya leg under control will ya? It's hitting me!"-Coin

by S.S.B October 24, 2007
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