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A form of abortion in which the baby's head is placed in between the doctor's ankles and claves and its neck is snapped in a 180 degree spin across the x-axis. Giesching is the second most humane form of abortion next to incineration of the child. This is because giesching is not 100% effective like incineration. It does, however, provide a fuel-efficient means of disposing of the baby's corpse, since a giesh (giesched child) can be thrown into a kiln and made into fuel. The minimum gieshing age as stated by the 28th amendment to the US Constitution is 6 years. The chances of a mis-giesch (unproper gieshing) go up dramatically after 6. In the event of a mis-giesch, the person giesched cannot be re-giesched until the age of 30-50. Causes of a mis-giesch include: snapping the neck to less than 180 degrees, gieshing outside the age limit, snapping the neck in the y or z axis, etc. A mis-giesh is commonly identified by stretch marks on the sternocleidomastoid. Victims of a mis-giesh commonly spend the first several years of their life in a Gieshing Rehabilitation Institute.
Tommy is the epitome of successful geishing; he was gieshed at exactly 180 degrees in the x-axis and thrown into my kiln.
by Ryan Hedden December 09, 2004

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