4 definitions by Ryan Meier

a newly created subject or thread on a message board indicating that the thread is important or interesting enough to justify taking up the limited space available for new threads
Your question about George Bush is certainly threadworthy.
by Ryan Meier February 1, 2007
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Verb-finding something of value on the ground.

Noun-the item found on the ground.

Groundscores are not stolen items--they are typically items that have been misplaced and lost.
"I groundscored a digital camera today"

"This groundscore has to be worth at least $50"
by Ryan Meier February 26, 2007
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A member of an online community who obsessively points out messages that contain information that has previously been posted.
The repost police on this board are truly annoying.
by Ryan Meier March 1, 2007
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a black nerd; a nerd who is African-American
"My friend Darrell is the world's biggest blerd."
by Ryan Meier December 9, 2006
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