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The white version of the "N" word. Used by white poeple to describe each other but is considered racist for a non white person to use
"I can never sing along to rap songs so I change the lyrics. All my street street yunkas meet me outside."
by RoyVA6 January 13, 2009
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A day in the course of the week where you thought that it had already occured giving whats seems to be an extra day of the week.
Guy #1: All of Thursday I thought it was Friday. So now that it is Friday, it is like today is an extra day of the week.

Guy #2: Yeah man, me too. Today is Bonusday
by RoyVA6 March 26, 2010
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The act of someone in the military taking a piss. In the Military they tend to add the word combat in front of everything.
Man, I just had three sodas. Now I really have to take a combat onesie
by RoyVA6 January 30, 2009
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