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Pronounciation: (")b&-'gün

Function: Noun

Definition: Buggoon is a portmanteau of buffoon and bug reporter. Such a person will often invent outlandish bugs which said party won't bother to corroborate, usually to support their own political interests and likely to harm the party they're making a complaint against. These so-called bugs will frequently be the opposite of a proper remonstrance, without any unequivocal example of how the bug works or the steps to reproduce it. Further, such a person will tend to rebuff attempts to acquire a log of their computer's status with a systems analysing utility and any requests for validation or proof of the item they're basing their complaint on will be met with hostility or failed humour, the latter in an attempt to win points with the readership and make light of a foolhardy mistake.

Examples follow ...
``LOL. It's full of bugs and my PC poofs into another dimension when I try to start said application, it's that badly programmed. LMAO.''
``Yes, I'm sure. Care to elaborate on these supposed 'bugs'? Please, don't be a buggoon.''
by Rowne December 16, 2006
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