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Some one who is hypocritical about others sexual endeavors and then proceeds to engage in multiple repulsive clitoral adventures consecutively.
A long day of shit talking and one 40 oz. of beer led her to the canyon where she was fucked twice by two separate salmon seekers rendering her a hypoclit for life... her parents would be proud.
by Ronis Mcfinnigan September 04, 2009

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Black Entertainment Television also known as Animal Planet is the result of some half retarded monkey inheriting millions and deciding to invest it in absolutely worthless bull shit.
Mark: hey man did you watch BET last night?

Aaron: no if i wanted to see monkeys i would just go to the zoo and make a day of it.
by Ronis Mcfinnigan September 06, 2009

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When one believes that something has taken an affect but it is merely a placebo.
Max: I took sum drugs yo, it was cool!

Spencer: No, I gave you oregano, stop sugar pilling you faggot.
by Ronis McFinnigan February 05, 2012

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A death box is a hot box with both marijuana smoke and cigarette smoke.
lets death box this shit....windows up....
by Ronis McFinnigan February 05, 2012

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