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The act of removing an individual from one jurisdiction to another without legal process. Extradition is the judicially supervised removal of individuals from one jurisdiction to another. Rendition, in the contemporary (ca. 2006)context refers to extra-legal removal. Alleged "enemy combatants" were transported from the United States to foreign countries without being charged with a crime so that the individual could be interrogated using methods not allowed by the Geneva Convention or the United States Constitution.
The United States policy of rendition lead to the torture of the suspected terrorist in a jail in Syria.
by Ron Erickson November 25, 2006
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On the ranch, when you don't want the bull in with the cows, you put the bull the field with the geese. "Goose pasture" is that place where the male has no opportunity with sexual relations with the opposite sex. The phrase is aptly applied to the the situation a young husband finds himself in during the last trimester of his wife's pregnancy.
Ryan's wife is really big and pregnant now. I bet he's in goose pasture.
by Ron Erickson June 21, 2007
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The deep hole that surrounds the base of a tree under its boughs after heavy snowfalls. During heavy winter snow storms, the boughs keep snow from accumulating near the base of the tree creating a "well" around the tree which can become, in the mountains, very deep. Out of bounds skiers and snow boarders have died from suffocation or hypothermia after falling into tree wells.
A 36 year old skier died of suffocation on Mt. Baker last week after falling into a tree well.
by Ron Erickson December 02, 2006
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A man, asexual or homosexual, who can safely escort a woman, married or otherwise, to a social event, without hint of suspicion or relationship beyond friendship. A safe male companion.
Before becoming so waspish, Truman Capote was a reliable walker for Park Avenue society matrons.
by Ron Erickson September 30, 2006
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A human buttock that protrudes straight out from the lower back creating almost a bench or shelf on the top of the booty.
At Geraldine's cocktail party I sat my drink on her shovelbutt.
by Ron Erickson November 22, 2006
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